J Bert – Founds African Music Group to Empower Talented Musicians

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Growing up, J Bert had always been passionate about music, having been raised with a family member who was a popular musician at the time. He grew up during an era where music was starting to take over with new African artists such as Sexion D’assault, Lil Wayne, and Michael Jackson, and he even shed tears when Michael passed away.

As he grew older, J Bert’s love for music only grew stronger. In 2016, he began his career as a music producer, alongside his brother. They were signed to Soreg Entertainment and later went on to create their own label called “KFAAMOS” Entertainment, with the goal of helping young talented artists around the United States.

Unfortunately, KFAAMOS Entertainment was eventually dismantled. However, this setback didn’t stop J Bert. He decided to create a new label called “Bert Music” in Dallas, Texas. His goal was to continue his passion for music and to help young artists achieve their dreams.

In 2021, with the emergence of Afro beats and artists such as Afro B, Burna Boy, and Rema, J Bert decided to create AMG Records, also known as African Music Group. He wanted to build a record label that could bring together young talented Africans from all around the world. As the founder of AMG Records, J Bert is proud of the achievements that have brought this label to reality.

To sum it up, J Bert’s love for music has been a constant in his life. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to help young artists achieve their dreams through his record labels. With AMG Records, he hopes to continue to empower talented African musicians and bring their music to the world stage.

J Bert: https://jbertmusic.com

Record Label: https://record.jbertmusic.com

Gallery: https://gallery.jbertmusic.com


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