Mario Kart: Home Circuit Player Discovers Hilarious New Purpose

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A creative Switch owner finds another humorous and unexpected use for the augmented reality game Mario Kart: Home Circuit.

One creative Switch owner is making headlines for his hilarious alternative use of Mario Kart Live.

Mario Kart

home track. During Mario Kart Live:

Home Circuit is an augmented reality title that aims to transform the player’s home into the vibrant and imaginative world of Mario Kart. Players have more mundane (albeit inventive) tasks in mind.

First announced in Fall of 2020 as part of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct, Mario Kart Live:

Home Circuit is one of the most unique titles Nintendo has offered in its long history. The game uses real Mario and Luigi physics carts, with cameras mounted on the back of each cart to stream him live to the player’s switch. Players can set up a series of gates in their chosen configuration and choose from a variety of courses, cups, and other modes that incorporate the environment into play.

Mario Kart Live’s viral moment haunted by a house cat:

Home Circuit, by TikTok user prettytragichun_, has already garnered well over a million views and over 81,000 likes. In a short clip that lasts just seven seconds, the player chases Mario under what appears to be a cupboard in the kitchen. Instead of crawling on all fours to check the cleanliness of hard-to-reach rooms, they use Mario Kart His Live. Home circuit survey camera.

The camera reveals the room to be quite dirty, leading to numerous comments from other users. The video shows Mario emerging from under a closet and looking straight into the camera, saying “Mario’s side eye” or “Mario: Others praised the game’s unexpected use and called the move “clever,” while most Mario Kart lives: Home his circuit players are making headlines about the creativity behind special tracks, like his 3D-printed Rainbow Road his track for fans.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a very unique title, with direct competition starting soon. The developer behind the title above is currently working on Hot Wheels.

A lift rally that uses the same technology as Mario Kart Live: home track. Future titles will use gateways to effectively track the movement of RC his car as it sprints through the player’s home. hot tires: Rift Rally promises a lot of customization with over 140 potential vehicle options for players to choose from, but it’s unclear if it’s small enough to check under cabinets.


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