After escaping a pursuit in GTA Online, a player has bad luck

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A GTA Online player successfully escapes a car chase, but then sad things happen most funnily.

A Grand Theft Auto Online player successfully escaped a car chase, but bad luck struck shortly thereafter. Grand Theft Auto Online is a game that, not only because of its open world but also due to the nature of Rockstar titles, you are likely to encounter unusual situations.

GTA Online

There are many things to do on the streets of Los Santos in GTA Online, but one of the easiest and most rewarding activities for him is socializing with other players. GTA Online offers a wide variety of weapons and vehicles that players can use to wreak havoc while hunting down other players. Encounters between players in Rockstar’s games lead to many interesting, curious, or amusing situations. In other cases, GTA Online players have creative solutions for dealing with griefers who try to get in the way of their fun.

While GTA Online players may be rescued in an almost cinematic way, the same luck doesn’t apply to others. This is the case with bruhmoment57, who posted a clip of him fleeing a helicopter on his Reddit. The player enters Abe Milton his parkway and manages to hide while the helicopter crashes into other passing vehicles.

bruhmoment57 then goes in the opposite direction from where it came and enters a tunnel in the wall. In an unfortunate moment, bruhmoment57 is stuck in a ‘perfect’ position due to an entry collision, unable to move, effectively becoming a sitting duck.

Bruhmoment57’s misfortune elicited multiple reactions from users of GTA Online’s official subreddit, where the clip’s release received over 1,300 upvotes. One comment was particularly reminiscent of an Austin Powers movie.

International Man of Mystery, with Austin Powers, similarly stuck in a hallway. Cars, like other vehicles in GTA Online, are an important part of the fun the gaming experience offers. Cars may be used to escape pursuit, as Bruhmoment57 did, making the player who initially pursued them unresponsive.

It’s not the first time an escape in GTA Online has ended unexpectedly, but in the case of bruhmoment57, the absurdity of the situation makes the outcome all the more interesting. With new content appearing regularly and an active community, GTA Online players always have something to discover. In doing so, Rockstar proves that it’s never too late to become a player of GTA Online and experience the adventures the game has to offer.


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