A Reality-Bending Big Red Boot Demonstrates MSCHF’s, Toon Force

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The MSCHF is constantly breaking convention, creating popsicles in the shape of billionaires, leaderboards based on money in the bank, and old school so twisted they can’t skate. But even the AC-1 is grounded in reality, something that can’t be said for the artist collective’s latest footwear.


big red boots. A demonstration of toon power, his MSCHF Big Red Boots are straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Often compared to Astro Boy’s kick choices, the next release eschews being limited to reality and instead opts for proportions that make little logical sense.

TPU rubber shell and EVA It’s a simple construction with a sole unit, but the size of the pair alone makes up for it. The MSCHF Big Red Boot retails for $350 and will be available February 16th at 11:00 AM ET via MSCHF.com and the MSCHF App. Please enjoy the details of the previous shoe.


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