Review of Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

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Getting your hands on a retro platformer isn’t hard. I applaud the efforts of a small development team to recreate nostalgia for a time when playing a video game meant watching Channel 3. He is one of a group of video game gamers.

I believe it is. Some are great, some are too hard to tease, but most fall somewhere in between. Vengeful Warden:

Moonrider won’t go down in history as one of the great embracing of the past and modernizing the action, but even if it doesn’t quite work out, we want to get closer to the great side of the scale. it’s all the way.


Vengeful Guardian: In Moonrider you are a true Moonrider. If you played Genesis in 1992, you would have thanked your parents for not watching. The story is plain but interesting. Most of the time I wondered if I was the villain and enjoyed Moonrider’s soliloquy. No matter how noble their intentions are, unlimited power is not suitable for everyone. I also appreciate the little personality instilled into each boss before the battle begins.

However, the story comes second only to the platforming and sword action. Moonrider moves well, bouncing off walls like Samus his Aran, sprinting and jumping over large chasms. It feels good to move around, but there are some nasty flaws where you can’t see the next platform due to camera limitations. I’m not sure if the accuracy is worth the occasional fret. These levels look difficult like they might have existed on a 16-bit console, but I’m almost certain they weren’t. But more importantly, I enjoyed it as much as the default platform.

The difficulty is often the downside of comparable games, and many emphasize challenge over fun. Fortunately, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is balanced. The levels are difficult but reachable thanks to sane lives and checkpoints, and bosses have patterns that can be tracked and exploited, but probably not on the first attempt.

The other six Mega Man-inspired characters can be followed in any order after completing the first level. Defeating bosses rewards new weapons. The mechanics are familiar, but they work well, and it’s exciting to try new tornado weapons and my favourite, tentacles that pop out of portals. Hidden upgrades such as double jumps and abilities that become stronger the more you defeat an enemy can also be found in each level and can be optionally equipped. but some are arguably more useful than others. I found two things early on that I had never equipped.

One of the best things about the Vengeful Guardian is the length of the Moonrider. It only takes a few hours to reach the final level and defeat the final boss. Then you’ll know exactly what it is: a short but enjoyable nostalgic experience that doesn’t go beyond its welcome. By the time I feel like I’ve completed a full retro meal, the credits are right there, and I appreciate that. I don’t regret playing


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