QUENTIN MILLER claims that he was never properly compensated for penning Drake songs.

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Quentin Miller was paid well for working with Drake despite earning multiple songwriting credits on the triple-platinum If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album I made it clear that I didn’t.

Miller revealed in his interview with VladTV that his “terrible” publishing deal with Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Tricky Stewart was due to the publisher for his contribution to Driggy’s 2015 project. means that you have never received a check for

The Atlanta native was ousted as Drake’s “ghostwriter” by Meek Mill this summer, while the Philadelphia rapper said Miller put her hitmaker verses on her “R.I.C.O.” and suggested that you wrote Cooperation. Funk Flex also played a track on Hot 97’s ’10 Bands’ that he supposedly referenced by Miller.

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Miller denied the ghostwriting allegations, revealing that he allegedly worked on “several songs” for his IYRTITL. However, Meek didn’t take his refusal too kindly and reportedly jumped on the mirror at a Nike store in Los Angeles.

Miller reflected on how his name was dragged through the mud between Drake and Meeksbeef and remarked, “It was reckless.” I put my life on hold in order to get n-gga, perhaps because of the [DJ] turmoil and even with them. What if you look after your family instead?

he added:

“Working with N-Gga who’s going to change my life, I’ve been in a horrible, horrible, horrible publishing situation with his Tricky, but I’m not sure if Drake’s release of the song will work. I didn’t get checked.”

When DJ Vlad questioned him about his allegations, Quentin Miller revealed that he was forced to survive on the money he was paid “under the table.” It was almost a decade after signing his contract that he was finally released from his publishing contract with Stewart.

“None of the songs have ever had a release check,” he added. “In that situation, Tricky and she wouldn’t let me go, so I had to get paid under the table to support my family. This deal wasn’t finalized until 2019, 2020.” I signed up in 2011. I had to let go of a lot of stuff to get out. “Even then, I never got a release check or anything like that. I was just polishing, brother. figured it out – and it was Drake! It just didn’t change anything.”

Miller’s comments came after he was embroiled in another ghostwriting debate involving a hip-hop stalwart. entfachte lang anhaltende Gerüchte, dass der Queensbridge MC nicht alle seine eigenen Texte schreibt.

Aber in einem auf Instagram geposteten Video stellte Miller – der als Co-Autor von Nas ‘King’s Disease II-Track „The Pressure“ gilt – wütend den Rekord klar.

Okay, it seems that the Quentin worked with Nas conversation is going a little more viral than I had anticipated because people are now approaching him and asking him to clarify it. I’m in [the studio], all right. I won some ideas and swapped some ideas. that’s all.

he added:

“Authors frequently upload their work online and discuss it in public. Understand why? Writing is beneficial. People are more willing to cooperate with you when they know you are interested in something; it’s kind of part of the job.” But not for me, as I had a connection to one of the greatest artists in history, and that connection resulted in a terrible writing controversy. It seems like every time someone works with me, I turn into a ghost, but I’m not a bloody ghost!


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