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Blueface was involved in another fight, this time the man was completely knocked unconscious.

A brawl erupts among California rappers as they continue to deal with an attempted murder last year that stemmed from an alleged shooting outside a Las Vegas strip club.

In the final match caught on camera, Blueface can be seen brawling with his entourage on the streets of his girlfriend Chrissian Locke’s hometown of Baltimore. , as they fall apart, the man lies dead on the pavement.


The “Thotiana” rapper later addressed the incident on his Instagram Story, posting a photo of the victim lying on the sidewalk with the caption:

“He was tired.”

He also retweeted another user’s tweet that said:

“What kind of man was walking from them on Calin-ggas [crying face emoji] on Baltimore Street last night? That n-gga @bluefacebleedem is undefeated in our town with tanks. We need her In that case, it’s a year.”

Blueface had previously been involved in a shooting on October 8 at the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas, according to legal documents acquired by TMZ. The claimed victim reportedly made light of the rapper talking to “some females in a cheap automobile” in a jest.

When Blueface didn’t like the jab, others of his group are said to have struck the man “several times.” Security footage shows Blueface pulling out his revolver and shooting at the truck as it drove away when the man later returned to the club in his truck and asked the crew, “Who struck me?!”

According to investigators, the man’s left hand was grazed by a bullet, and the truck was also heavily shot.

Blueface claims innocence, but a man claiming to be the owner of the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club said it was forced to close because he was bringing “gang-related activity” to the venue. He also wants the rapper to “spend the rest of his life in prison” or “pay us until the day he leaves this earth.”

“Thotiana” Reimer was held in the Clark County Detention Center before appearing in court on November 16. He was subsequently released from police custody on his $50,000 bail.

Blueface was also recently involved in another violent altercation with Kristian Locke’s father, the full-on fight recently being the first episode of the controversial couple’s new reality show Crazy In Love. Fully aired.

Footage of an altercation between Blueface and his girlfriend’s father first leaked in September, less than two weeks after the couple vowed to fight no more.

As the full-on showdown unfolds on The Zeus Network’s latest reality show, The Rock’s father is seen approaching the rapper outside his Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

“I’m her father,” Rock’s father says. “Nice to meet you, Dad,” Blueface replied, before being warned, “Never touch your daughter like that again.”

“So you teach her daughter to touch men?” Blueface replies. From there, he stumbles briefly before the two attempts to grab each other as Rock’s father throws a punch to Blueface’s face and the show crew tries to break up the altercation. Chrisean Rock revealed that her boyfriend won the fight after a clip was leaked in September. “So Bluefaced blew my dad away because he didn’t know what was going on and family things weren’t going well,” she wrote on Twitter alongside a heartbreaking emoji.

Blueface’s mother then accused Rock of lying, but in a subsequent Instagram story post, Blueface wrote:

“I am her daddy now.”


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