B. Dot’s snub on “Rap Radar” podcast angers Westside Gunn 

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Westside Gunn discovered After participating on his podcast, B. Dot removed the entire Griselda collective from his list of the 2022 finest rappers.

Westside Gunn was taken aback after sitting down for a “fantastic interview” with B. Dot Miller, only to discover the Griselda camp was left off his list of the Top 10 Best Rappers of 2022.

B. Dot's
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The Buffalo native appeared on the Rap Radar podcast alongside B. Dot and Elliot Willson, as well as Griselda’s Boldy James, Stove God Cooks, and Rome Streetz.

While the interview appeared to go smoothly, it was recorded before Westside Gunn realised B. Dot had failed to add any Griselda musicians on his 2022 top rappers list.

The Griselda leader was eager to respond when iHeart Radio posted a teaser clip of the podcast.

“This was a nice interview, but that was a few weeks ago,” Westside Gunn said on Twitter. “Now it’s F### @bdotTM because he just doesn’t get it and I wasted 2 hours of my time.” “ALL YEAR LONG @GriseldaRecords “

While WSG attacked B. Dot, he has no issue with Elliot Wilson calling him out and saying, “He still good he rode thru the hood w/ me in the Bach #RIPHOVAIN #GXFR.”

Fans of Griselda were astonished when B. Dot released his list in December, stating that it does not reflect Hip-Hop without the Buffalo collective.

“That is simply based on the blogger’s opinions, but who are they for?” Gunn responded to one of his fans. “I bet they seem goofy even standing next to us, what makes them actually valid why just because they say so, those MFs ain’t nothing by dickriders for a living with little pay”


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